There are various levels of conservatism in regard to how essential oils should be used and different resources available to support those viewpoints. At times, things posted casually on social media and “oily” circles are more extreme even than the most liberal professional viewpoints and are actually inappropriate. So take care to educate yourself, to critically consider any ideas or suggestions you come across and to develop your own informed opinions. Remember also to be wise in your own sharing of these wonderful products of nature that are beneficial to increasingly more people as their exceptional wellness-supporting qualities are made known.  

One general holistic wellness principle worth mentioning here is the idea of choosing the least invasive or the most conservative options which will bring about the desired effects. Additionally, essential oil quality is such an important factor in the safety, strength and effectiveness of oils, so note and keep this and other relevant factors in mind as you explore the evidence that supports various opinions on essential oil use.  Life is complicated, data is limited and complex and no single person or institution has all of the answers.  Always think critically and consider the unique needs and circumstances of your family as you make decisions about essential oils, herbs, foods, medications and any other important personal decision. 

*Going directly to the source of information rather than relying on it's interpretation by a third party is always recommended for the most accurate understanding of a given work.  

Essential Oils Desk and Pocket References, by Life Science Publishing 

*contains information specific to Young Living oils
*Includes extensive usage information, basic safety information, and detailed essential oil profiles

Reference Guide and Quick Reference Guide for Essential Oils, by Connie and Alan Higley
*contains information specific to Young Living oils
*Includes extensive usage information, basic safety information, and detailed essential oil profiles

Evidence-Based Essential Oil Therapy, by Dr. Scott Johnson

*not specific to Young Living oils, blends but demonstrates the importance of high quality essential oils and the dangers of synthetic or adulterated ones

*includes evidence-based recommendations for a wide variety of conditions/uses and special considerations for children, pregnant mothers, those on medication, etc.

*includes detailed essential oil profiles with reported therapeutic properties, suggested dilution ranges, and precautions 

Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails, by Dr. Scott Johnson​

Animal Desk Reference, by Dr. Melissa Shelton

Gentle Babies:  Essential Oils and Natural Remedies for Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Infant Care
, by Debra Raybern

Medical Aromatherapy: Healing with Essential Oils, by Kurt Schnaubelt 

 Advanced Aromatherapy: The Science of Essential Oil Therapy, by Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D. 

The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy,  by Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D 

Essential Oil Safety, by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young

What to do When Antibiotics Don't Work
, by Dirk Van Gils   

Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils, by Carolyn L. Mein

The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple, by Dr. David Stewart 

Healing Oils of the Bible, by Dr. David Stewart

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