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I am an outgoing introvert, wife, and mama who loves to talk Jesus, adoption, missions, culture, and what’s going on in your life over a good cup of coffee or tea.  My health journey began 9 years ago when I began learning about the importance of nutrition and exercise.  I had never truly been taught, yet found myself in the position to teach those things to young children, and quickly realized I needed to do my own research and make lifestyle changes myself so I could truly “practice what I preached”.

Through that experience, I learned health means more than that-it reaches into all parts of life and is an ongoing journey. I was introduced to essential oils by my friend Callie, attended my first class in the summer of 2013, and was so excited to dive into using and learning about Young Living essential oils. It truly does reach into all parts of a healthy lifestyle in an incredibly practical, powerful way.

An advocate at heart, I hold a Bachelor’s in Social Work and believe even that prepared me for walking with others and teaching others to advocate for their own health.  My husband and I are passionate about advocating for the voiceless, and loved seeing how the world of adoption and the world of essential oils collided for us when we brought home our son from Japan in 2014.  It’s my passion to walk with and see other adoptive families find freedom for themselves and their kiddos emotionally and physically through utilizing essential oils in their homes.  I found using my love for natural living, adoption, and ministry all fit well in Young Living essential oils, and so Pure Potions was born when I began sharing this in 2014 so I could stay home and best serve my family and others with the freedom I needed.

You can find my husband Jonathan and I blogging about natural living, adoption, movies, social justice, and life.  When I'm not journaling quietly or chasing my toddler, I'm sharing my daily use of what my husband lovingly calls “pure potions” on Instagram.