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​Hi, I’m Debbie!  I am a lover of my risen Jesus, wife of 16 years to my 7th grade crush turned dear husband, mom to 4 great and lively children, homeschooler and so much more (at least in my head).  

I was born in Orange County, CA and moved to Texas in 2006.  While California will always be my home away from home, I am so glad to be a Texan!  My family enjoys playing games together, spending time outdoors, soccer and basketball, fishing and the boys enjoy woodworking and RC cars!  My husband, Jason, has enjoyed his trade as a woodworker since 1998.  My sons enjoy spending time with him in the garage, learning the trade and skills.  

In 2011 I started looking for healthier options to help support my young children’s immune system.  A friend shared with me about Young Living, as well as a wealth of other healthier (and “healthier” for the wallet) options that were easily implemented in my home.  Jason saw the effectiveness I was experiencing with the essential oils and it was evidence he couldn’t ignore.  He watched and learned and now is fully on board.  My  kids, well, they are oily kids, which is easy to understand since they have seen the result time and time again.  We are hopelessly oily….and wouldn’t have it any other way!  

As time has passed, I have experienced cancer, as well as 2 other immediate family members.  It has become so important to me to be able to use non-toxic products in my home and I am so glad that my friend shared with me all those years ago.  My prayer is that you would seek out information for yourself and become an advocate for yourself and your family.  If there is anything that I can do to help you in that journey, I’d love to chat with you!

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